IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Don't judge us until you know us.

Getting to know John & Med

What are your real names?
Med: Shannon
John: John (dah!)
And your jobs?
Med: I'm a paramedic
John: I'm a cartoonist
How long have you been a paramedic for Med?
Med: A few years  
John: Are you good at it  
Med: Dam straight I'm good at it, you should know, you've been in the Ambulance with me.  
John: That's true, but we didn't do much  
Med: No, but you have also been in the response car and at my base listening to stories, and going through the decleration of death book  
John: You shouldn't have left it just laying around
Is it just like the comic?
Med: A little, there are parts of it that are spot on, but there are also stories that I have asked John not to put in as a comic, just out of respect and because of the highly graphic nature  
John: I wouldn't put them in anyway, and honestly, most of the stories you tell horrify me  
Med: You should know that we get sick, dark humour about things  
John: I know but, God, you live in a really violent place, I'm surprised I can get any funny stories out of you  
Med: Yeah, but most of the comic are really true, and if the readers found out how true to life they are then I don't think they would be able to hold down their lunch
Can you give us an example?
Med: The comic "Turn Left" is true, I should know, I was stuck inside the damn thing waiting for help
Where do you guys live?
John: Australia, down under, mate!  
Med: South Africa... mate!  
John: It doesn't work in an African accent  
Med: Blow me
If you live so far apart how do you communicate with each other?
Med: Phone, internet and visits  
John: We stand at the beach and yell really, really loud
Have you been to each others countries?
John: a few times, like five... It's really far away  
Med: Once, so far
Do you think of yourself as a hero?
Med: FUCK YES! I know people say they just did it because it's the right thing or some other bullshit, but we don't get thanked here, or not as much as they do in Australia.  So yes I am a fucking hero
John: Fuuuuck, want to yell any louder  
Med: No, I think I have made my point, I'm like superman  
John: Without powers  
Med: But I do have spandex
So what did you think when you got asked to be the main inspiration for the comic?
Med: He didn't ask me  
John: I don't need permission, I don't use her real name
What did you think when you found out?
Med: FUCK YEAH, I loved it
So you don't mind being a cartoon character?
Med: Hell no, it's fantastic, I give him full access to do anything he wants.  Plus I look damn hot as a cartoon, especially in the comic, no guns but paintball guns.  I have that as a T-Shirt
Does your boss know?
Med: They do now, I have some of the comics hanging up at the base
Do your work mates?
Med: Yep, some of them are even in the comic
In the comic your ambulance is called the Mystery Meat Wagon, do you have a nick name of your ambulance?
Med: The @#$% killer  
John: That's fucked up... you can't say that  
Med: HAHAHA, ok, ok.  I call it the bus because it feels like I am just taxiing from place to place
Do you drink and smoke as much as Med Ramsy?
Med: Nope
How did Med start?
Med: John this is your department  
John: She started off being a mechainc called Bob, but it turned out that I knew sweet nothing about cards, so I turned her into a paramedic.  The strange thing was that when I drew her she looked a lot like you, Shannon.  And when I met your for the first time, years ago I thought it was fitting for her to be a paramedic.  
Med: See I'm a god damn inspiration to you.  But my hair is a little longer now.  
John: Yes  
Med: How old is she anyway?  
John: She was going to be a fifteen year old volunteer, but the idea died, I never really gave her an age.
So what's the comic about?
Med: ME! It's all about me, John has nothing to do with it, he might draw the dam thing but without me, it's NOTHING!  
John: Don't get a big head  
Med: Too late  
John: It's about the fast paced, weird world of a paramedic called Med Ramsy and her stories behind the wheel of the Mystery Meat Wagon  
Med: Nice, you got that down to a fine art  
John: Thanks
Got any favourite quotes?
John: The best moments in life are ones you totally fuck up
Ace: We did try and make this page a video, but failed, miserably, five times! So this is the version that I have edited for the site.  Before editing, the video was 45 minutes of the three of us being rude, sick and exceptionally racist.